One thing I always say to my team on staff and those who volunteer… “It’s my job to push.”

When it comes to leading a ministry, leading a team, leading volunteers, and leading students we are supposed to push forward. I truly do feel when we lose the ability to push when we get used to where we are at, when we are comfortable, it’s where we lose the capacity to be used by God in the best possible way He wants to use us. We are never called to be comfortable but called to keep pushing ourselves in leadership to continue to lead people to Jesus.

So push. Keep pushing.

Push your students to be challenged by Scripture.

Push your students to develop solid spiritual disciplines.

Push your volunteers to keep loving and caring for students and not just hanging out with each other.

Push your volunteers to keep growing themselves and keep them accountable to your values and standards of your leadership.

Push your team to keep coming up with new ways, ideas, and fun ways to keep reaching students in your area.

Push your church leadership team to make sure students are not the next generation but the NOW generation.

Push your self to make sure you are constantly growing yourself.

Push yourself to take a day off and be fully present with your family… seriously, lock up your phone.

Push yourself to keep on learning and growing and adapting for the most effective ministry.

Push yourself to not be comfortable in ministry but to keep trying new things to reaching students in your area.

It’s our jobs to push others and to push ourselves to make sure we are available to be used by God in our ministries. I want to continue to push our team to try new things, push our volunteers to connect with more students and push myself to lead the ministry with a vision I feel God has given me to go forward in my ministry. I push you to do the same.

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