///5 Indicators Your Volunteers Are “All In”

5 Indicators Your Volunteers Are “All In”

Don’t you just love your volunteers? Honestly though. We would not be able to do what we do without them. They are the backbone of any ministry. Every ministry at some point wonders if their volunteers “get it” and if they are excited about what they are doing. As I was thinking about this week I can say most of the volunteers are bought into what we are doing. That is an exciting place to be.

Here are some signs that your volunteers are bought into your ministry:

A majority of them show up to meetings – Let’s be honest, no really LOVES meetings. But when you call a volunteer meeting and most of them show up to be a part of it, it’s a really good indicator they love what they are doing. We just had one this last weekend where we had training, prayer and some fun and 90% of our leaders made it and they had a blast.

They hang out with students outside your normal meeting times – I’m pretty sure there are few pastors out there who tell their people they don’t want them to hang out with students outside the normal service times. I feel like this is a call of all youth pastors to volunteers. A good sign your volunteers are bought it is when they actually do this and you see they are engaging with and pouring into students outside of service.

They recruit others to be a part of it – When people are excited about something they want others to come to join and be a part of it too. When your leaders are excited about your ministry they will help recruit friends, family, and strangers who seem interested in youth ministry and get them to be a part of it.

They post about it on social media – This one goes with the previous one, but when people are excited about something they post it on whatever social media they have. No one really posts the bummer parts of life but they do post what they are excited about and like. A good sign your volunteers are bought into your ministry is when they share with all their people who follow them on social media about what is happening in your ministry.

They tell you they are – This one is simple but it is the best one. What a great chance for you as the pastor to encourage them and let them know how great they are doing and you want them to keep doing what they are doing.

Now I’m sure there are many other signs that volunteers are bought in but these were a few I have seen in the last few months and it is so fun to see when your volunteer are loving what they are doing.


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Justin Knowles is the Youth Network Pastor at Sandals Church in Riverside, CA. He oversees the student ministry across all 10 Sandals Church campuses. He hosts Youth Ministry Hacks Podcast, loves to write about his ministry journey and he teaches at all sorts of camps or retreats. He and his wife Kristin have a son named Graham and baby # 2 on the way. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @justinknowles3

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