YS IDEA LAB is a video interview series filmed on location at the Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention. Ths week’s episode features Neely McQueen interviewing Josh Griffin, High School Pastor at Saddleback Church.

1) “Fact or Fiction” apologetics series with guest speakers in their entry level program that addresses tough questions about Christianity.

2) “You Own The Weekend” is a completely student led weekend of youth ministry services. Get the You Own the Weekend resource on DYM right here.

3) “Insta-Life” series that utilizes instagram and pulls out some key talking points that relate to our spirituality. Check out Instalife series and Instahack right here on DYM.

4 & 5) Have students buy pizza for the janitors in their high schools to show how important it is to serve others. “Post-It Note project” where students in your ministry write encouraging post-it notes for each student in their high school and stick them to their lockers. Check out student leadership resources right here.