This is one of the most memorable plays in recent college football history. Watch the video above to see an incredible football play … with a dropped ball at the last second. It is absolutely stunning and incredible to watch – you almost have to see it to believe it.

Got me thinking this week about when we drop the ball in youth ministry. When we’re so close to scoring, but don’t quite put it in the endzone. I’ll give you some examples, you can fill in the rest of it yourself or leave another in the comments:

  • when you don’t say thank you – tons of people helped do something incredible, and are left wondering if there was impact at all. Don’t drop the ball of thankfulness.
  • when you don’t debrief an event – you’re on to the next big thing, but will find it more difficult to improve because you failed to analyze your last one. Don’t drop the ball of evaluation.
  • when you sacrifice your family for the church – you may be scoring on the field but your family is on the sidelines.
  • when you care for a student in the moment – but fail to followup with them with their pain is less obvious in the long term.
  • when you go to a conference and enjoy it – but fail to bring back the “one thing” that God showed you and have the courage to begin to implement it.

Don’t drop the ball before the endzone!