Claredon Today has an interesting article about a youth group making a difference. Here’s a clip of the action:

Rising at six a.m. every morning to mentor African-American youth in the heart of the ghetto in between construction and yardwork projects is not your typical camp experience, but then again, the Clarendon H20 Youth Ministry are not typical camp-goers.

This past July, 21 of Clarendon’s young but true believers — some in college, others just starting middle school — voyaged to the mountainous campus of Eastern University in Philadelphia for 13 days of missionary work at Camp Mission Fuge, or M-Fuge for short.

“It’s great to see people my own age come to a camp like that,” said Drew Cooper, a senior at USC-Sumter. “This is where a mission starts, right here.” Some mornings the campers arose to find themselves leading children in dramatic productions from plays to puppetry; other days were spent painting churches and trimming shrubs, or even venturing on a friendly trip to a nursing home.

“It was really fun. But I’ve never not had fun at camp,” said Anna Pierce, a senior at Clarendon Hall. “For a ministry, the camp never felt ‘too serious’ about anything.”