Most adults in the world don’t love what they do for a living. They drive an hour each way to a cubicle they loathe and a job they don’t really care about.  In fact, recent studies show that about 80% of people hate their job.

But that doesn’t describe me one bit. Now, in all fairness I don’t love 100% of it 100% of the time – but pretty close. I love what I do. How many people can say that? Well… 20% if you do the math, I guess.

Here’s why I love youth ministry:

I get a front row seat to life change
Every week at youth group or church of school to get to see someone’s life be changed by Jesus. From summer camp to overnighter, I’m all in to see what Jesus is going to do on your life.

I get to help student navigate one of the most difficult times of life
Everything is changing in your development right now – not that I have to tell you that – and I get to walk you through it. Through the good, bad, ugly of dating, doubts and double dares to the highs and lows of skin condition, proms and family stuff – I’m here for you.

I get paid to do this?!
OK let’s keep it real – I’m not in it for the money and honestly there isn’t a ton of money in youth ministry. Forbes magazine last month ranked it #1 in personal satisfaction and near the bottom of the pay scale. But it isn’t about the money, it is about you.

I see God’s Spirit at work every day. I help walk students through the end of high school. I don’t get paid a ton of salary but have incredible satisfaction in my calling. I love what I do!