March Madness is in full swing – a fun time of the year where college basketball reigns supreme and a new national champion is named. If you’re interested in grabbing some fun resources that will work now (and honestly most any other time of the year, too) be sure to check these out:


Ultra Brackets – Kick your games up a notch with the greatest bracket app of ALL TIME! UltraBrackets replaces the need for a whiteboard to keep track of who wins in a tournament-style game! Dodgeball, school wars, sword-drills, etc! If it needs a bracket, we’ve got you covered!


Shoot 2 Score – Think your students know all there is about sports? Want to have a little fun this March Madness season? We’ve got the perfect trivia game with questions from both college and professional basketball. It’s a slam dunk!


Starch Madness – While March Madness gets all the glory this month, we’ve put together an amazing trivia game based on the core building block of so much of our food. Starch! It’s Starch Madness!! Even if you’re gluten-free, this is the game for you!