As a nurse, my wife is required to take continuing education classes and earn enough credits to keep her medical license. As a teacher, my friend Ron has to continue his education and “stay current” with the educational system.

As a youth worker … well, nothing is required of me!

There’s no license, no forms, no salary-tied-to-education incentive. Nothing.

But a wise youth worker knows that there is a requirement for ongoing training. Youth culture and best practices shift with the wind and a disciplines and thoughtful youth worker is always looking to increase their skills regularly. So where can you learn? Simple as 1-2-3.

1) Read blogs and youth ministry publications!
There has never been a time where more discussion has been happening around youth ministry. Our profession has turned professional and there are scores of blogs, newsletters and magazines to choose from. In fact, you’re even reading this on a blog right now – be sure to subscribe!

2) Get some training this year!
Take some time out of your schedule to get some professional training. Attend a small groups conference in your area, check out the National Youth Workers Convention (in Atlanta and Sacramento in Fall 2014) or check out YS’ Team Training 2-day events at 10 locations across the US. Have you seen Youthsphere? Might be a great option for you, too! 

3) Share what you’re learning!
Start a blog yourself! Contribute a column to your favorite magazine or journal. Write, share and teach what you’re learning in youth ministry with others.

Make sure continuing education is part of your personal development plan for this year!