DB has written a new article for PDYMCommunity.com today – here’s a clip of his article about the importance of volunteers and humility. Great story and learning!

“So uh, you’re that one guy right. The teenage pastor guy?”

This was said to me in a grocery store not to long back as I was grabbing the necessities for a small group night. I was approached by a woman I never have met (at least I thought had never met) started the conversation like this. She told me she went to the church and she had something to talk to me about.

My initial thoughts were, “Man she could as least get my title correct; Pastor to Students & Families, is it that hard to remember!?!

As I transferred my thoughts so my ears could pick up what she was saying, which I was hoping was more important than how she began to address me, I heard an audible red flag, a cracking voice of emotion. I figured I better really pay attention…