The other day I was walking through the airport and noticed on the TV monitors in the terminals this story about young girls shaping pop culture. I stopped and listened to it for a while and couldn’t help thinking about the girls in my youth ministry.

At first, my thoughts were on the fact that these celebrities were shaping the culture of my students…both in positive ways and negative ways.

But I found my thought shifting to the idea of the “power” that culture as given these young famous girls. (Though we have still have some things to figure out- check out these interesting stories on girl in media. Here and here.) The reality is that these girls are given avenues and platforms to shape culture.

I wondered, do we do the same thing? Do our churches give girls in our ministries, the avenues and platforms to shape culture? Do we teach them to use their gifts and their voices to influence others for God’s kingdom?

I can guarantee that each of our youth ministries has young girls in them with the potential to shape the cultures our ministries, of the schools in our communities…of our churches, if we would just equip and encourage them.

Can I encourage you to send a note or an email to a girl in your ministry today…offer her a word of affirmation and encourage her, allow her to shape the culture of your ministry for the better.