I just finished going through the Gospel of Mark. I have read it many times before but something struck me a little bit differently as I was reading the last few verses.

Jesus rose from the dead. He revealed Himself to two people, they didn’t say a word because they were scared to do so. Jesus then revealed Himself to two more. They did the same. They didn’t tell anyone because they were scared. Then Jesus came and revealed Himself to his disciples, and rebuked them for not believing the others that He was alive. I couldn’t imagine being rebuked the first time I saw Jesus from the dead.

It got me thinking. Is that how I am living? Jesus has clearly shown Himself to me in my life. Am I afraid to tell others? Am I like the disciples who were sitting in a room acting as if Jesus was not really alive and living? Because if they really knew, then they would not have been in hiding and wondering what to do next. Same with us, if we REALLY believed that He was alive and moving we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing and start telling others about this amazing God that loves us.

Read Mark 16:8-20