Jonathan and Ryanne got married off tonight.

Beautiful ceremony in Rancho Santa Margarita, with a heartfelt wedding challenge from Jonathan’s father Lance. Very cool … all of the usual suspects were there, about 20 other bloggers, too, so hopefully some funny anecdotes will come out of it. Got to love any wedding that’s catered by Chipotle. Amazing.

As for me, wedding days always make me think of my daughter, so here’s part 2 of the “father of the bride speech” I’m writing for her the night of every wedding we attend until she gets married. Here’s part 1 if you missed it, too. Here we go:

I prayed for your future husband tonight. I mean, I know you’re only one and some change, but hey, you can’t start too early, right? I can already tell he’s going to have his hands full with you. You are so beautiful and have a hilarious sense of humor – but you’re already pretty stubborn and when things don’t go your way you get frustrated easily. Your husband is going to have to gently guide you and love you, and you’ll have to respect him, too.