I’m excited about this month’s new series in HSM called Wisdumb. It is a book study as we go through Proverbs and teach students about having true wisdom in Christ. Here’s the series arc of where we’re headed this month:

Week 1: What is Wisdom and How to Get it
Why is wisdom so important? What is the big deal? Well, wisdom is huge because every decision has a domino effect, every decision affects me now and the later and ultimately determines my future. If it is this important, we sure should be talking about it!

Week 2: How to Make Wise Decisions

Decisions are one of the biggest factors in who we become – so how do y ou make the right decisions? Be smart about the little choices in your life, because they’ll have a big effect on who you become. This weekend should be a practical guide to helping students check their heart and check in with a mentor to help guide them.

Week 3: What is Wisdom and How to Get it

This week we’re going after 3 of the big areas where people get tripped up the most. 1) Having the wrong kind of friends, 2) using my time wrong and 3) using my money all wrong. Don’t be dumb, have wisdom!