Get the Will it Burn Game Bundle!

It’s often the fun games that get a first-time kid coming back–or make a regular attender excited to bring a friend…though we all want to believe it’s our wonderfully articulate prayers or deep, biblical sermons. But we know that once they’re in the room, they will hear Truth from God’s Word, so it can’t hurt to beef-up your game repertoire. The Will It Burn Bundle is definitely a must-have for your game collection. 3 different volumes of one HOT game. (Pun fully intended.)

In Will It Burn, students are given 10 seconds to decide how the object shown on the screen will fare against a blowtorch: can it withstand the flame or will it burn? When time’s up, the blowtorch is turned on and they will see whether or not they were right.

It’s sounds too awesome to be true. But we’re not kidding.

Get the Will It Burn Game Bundle!

What’s better than watching everyday objects lit on fire? Not having to clean up the mess after! This guessing game is a thrill-seeker’s dream and can be played with the whole group or a few up-front contestants.

Some of the objects you’ll get to see lit on fire are a glow stick, silly string, and an oreo cookie. And remember: since this bundle comes with all three volumes of the game, you’ll have a total of 23 individual videos to mix and match!

Also included in the download is a title video and a fun instruction video. We hope this doesn’t turn your youth group into a bunch of pyromaniacs, but it’s probably a good idea to recommend they don’t try this at home just in case!!

Download the game bundle here for just $11.