OK, so I lost today. Badly. Even with the new racquet. To a 62-year-old man. But desite that humilitation, I think racquetball just might be the perfect sport. Here’s why:

1) Calories are burned at a phenomenal rate. Many suggest
that this is about as good an exercise as any, even competing with climbing stairs and running a 9-minute mile. Both of which I avoid at all costs.

2) Racquetball is competitive. For a guy, this is life. I watch competitive eating, poker and darts because there is a winner and a loser. Typically in racquetball I’m the loser, but at least I’m burning calories. Lost 30 lbs last year.

3) It takes two. Accountability is built in to the game. If you really don’t feel like going to the gym, who cares, it’s not like the treadmill is going to call and ask where you are. But Frank will, and he’ll be mighty upset if you do it more than a few times. I was 4 minutes late today, and he told me he was about to give up on me. Awesome.

In short, if you’re not playing racquetball … well, you could be out of the Lord’s will. Repent!