So for an illustration in his message in HSM this weekend, Fields talked about how he just doesn’t “get” blogging. he said he has this friend who is always trying to get him to blog, and how he just doesn’t get the personal attraction or the draw for others to tune in. In defense (not that that the person he mentioned is me, necessarily, since 85% of his friends blog), I thought I would post some good reasons to blog, and why it’s important to me.

I think of it as the new nightly news of life, a news ticker on what tickeled you, what made you laugh or a moment of inspiration. I write to share with friends both near and far, to help stay in touch emotionally. It is a virtual thing, I understand, but it’s fun to make an observation then have people comment in agreement. Blogging is an outlet for funny stories – times that I’m embarrased or laugh out loud deserve to be shared with friends. It’s also a place to record learnings and promote growth and spiritual health. Bottom line? My blog is a shared journey together through life and youth ministry. That, and the Google ads are quite lucrative and I want my piece of the pie. OK, I made $.08 last week

And even though Fields doesn’t “get it” (and I don’t have to worry about saying that since there’s a 0% chance he’ll ever see this unless someone prints it out and hands it to him) I’m glad you along for the journey, as an active commenter, quiet lurker or fellow blogger.