This is the tie-breaking week for the Fields’ family. Torie my oldest, won week 1 by a landslide (%) with MATT MCGILL SPORTS’ INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO, but last week Cassie (my 16 year old) came back and barely won your vote (53% to 46%) with PLEASE DON’T WATCH THIS.

My friend Walt Mueller has submitted a video to rival this week’s winner. So, the competition is moving beyond family in pursuit of the funniest video. One more time to vote for the girls and it will send the winner into a head-to-head with the honorable Walt next week.

These are a little old and maybe a little played, but they’re what the girls’ submitted for their head-to-head battle. Please pick a funniest video and settle the dual for who is the funniest Fields’ girl.

Want to get in the funniest video competition? Walt has next week…who is next?