One of the major descriptors within the Fields’ family is humor. Everyone in our family loves to laugh and we all give props to other family members who succeed in humor. This series of posts is a fun way to have you help settle some friendly, family competition.

Last week I asked for help in deciding which family nominated video is funnier. You voted, and Torie (my oldest) dominated her little sister (Cassie) with a large majority vote (66.47% vs. 33.53%). Torie did so with a clever move of picking a Matt McGill Sports’ Instructional Video (youth ministry classics).

This week…there’s two more good ones. I don’t tell you who picked which video, but I’ll reveal the winner again next week.

Here’s video #1: a 31 second one titled: “Don’t watch this one”

Which is the funnier video (part 2)?online surveys

Here’s video #2: a 3 minute video: Lakers Parade interviews w/ Kyle

Please cast your vote!