I can’t stop watching this real-time retail living infograph. It shows a living and breathing model of how much we’re spending, and where. Really fascinating stuff. Numbers all over the place!

There’s no denying that numbers matter in youth ministry. But to me the better question is which ones should matter the most? I think we all know that attendance is what many church use solely to measure “success” at youth group, which isn’t fair but the reality for many youth workers. What other numbers should be valued?

Here are a few random thoughts about numbers running through my head this morning:

  • Numbers = success is a false equation. It leads to defeat or arrogance. There are no winners when we focus only on numbers.
  • How can we not focus on numbers? Every person matters, faithful discipleship depends on it, how can we measure the accomplishment of the Great Commission.
  • If we measured many of the most faithful in the Bible they would be “failures” based on numbers
  • There are numbers that matter far more than attendance. What are they?
  • If I ran a church, I’m sure I would be the most-numbers-focused person in the whole place.