Picked up this learning today, which you’ll get in fable form this morning:

Church ministry can be a whole lot like football.

You have a designed offense and a plan of attack ready to go when you hit the field. The coach calls the play into the quarterback, the quarterback relays it to the team and they get set. Then, in that moment, there’s an opportunity. An opportunity that can’t be missed. An opportunity unseen previously that could net huge gains if only they could do it right now, on this play.

The quarterback barks new orders, linemen shift into position following the command and wide receivers mentally reenact new routes to where the new play beckons then. No one questions the decision – they aren’t the playcaller, but their participation in the new play is absolutely critical. Without the whole team working together without hesitation it will fall apart – the huge opportunity turned into a crushing loss, perhaps even a dramatic shift in momentum that will curse them the rest of the game.

The ball is hiked, the opportunity is seized. The defense weaknesses exploited and the team scores. The crowd roars. Touchdown.

OK, so maybe church ministry isn’t exactly like that, but you get the idea. I’m a team member, I’m following a quarterback who sometimes will call an audible. Am I part of the team pulling together in that moment to make it happen? Or am I going to lay down and let the quarterback feel a hit to know we don’t play like that. The church is a team. Play like a champion today.