Some match ups just don’t make sense.

When one side is clearly so much better, it’s not even a contest. A candle can’t stand up to the wind. A knife always looses in a gun fight (I’m guessing). Apple computers will never have any market share, and the Dodgers will forever be supremely superior to the Angels (who aren’t even sure what city they are from).

Ok, I know I’ve lost some of you. That’s ok. Come back if you want.

The match up of people verses God is a central theme in setting up the letter to the Galatians (see 1:1, 10, 11, 16). The choice is the greatest no brainer of all time. Don’t let that lead you to self righteousness (that’s a trap for me).

Instead, take a moment to be astounded at the sheer insanity of the human condition: we regularly choose people over God!

Paul talked about this match up in four different ways, all related, but worth looking at one by one to enjoy and learn from the whole picture he’s created:

Paul was SENT by God, not by people. His calling and convictions didn’t come from a committee.
Paul looked for APPROVAL from God, not from people. His worth was in the majestic, not the mundane.
Paul taught a GOSPEL from God, not from people. His message was divine revelation, not a fallible fabrication.
Paul prepared for his ministry by CONSULTING God, not people. 

Paul wasn’t an island unto himself, he connected with other believers and leaders of the faith. Although the leaders in Jerusalem added nothing to his message, it’s safe to assume he was shaped by other believers. Paul was not shackled to others, fearing he would loose anything of value if he rocked the boat.

When I forget who has sent me, I loose sight of my destination.
When I forget who’s approval matters, my confidence eludes me.
When I forget the true message, I get caught up in details and nuances.
When I forget that God is my first guide to check with, I hear many dissenting voices and end up confused.

When I love people more than I love God, the insanity has taken over. People are important, but they aren’t more important than God.