Things are constantly changing. It’s crazy isn’t it? It feels like things are changing at a faster rate than ever before. There is a new iPhone every 6 months. There is a new hot TV show every season. The culture as a whole is making a huge change and it’s all happening pretty fast. When we look at the lives of our students they are changing as well. Their lives are dramatically changing. In high school hen we get them as freshmen they are completely different when they leave as a senior.

I believe one of the most important roles of a small group is that it can be, and hopefully is, the one constant, stable thing in their lives while going through high school. In a world where everything is changing their small group and leader should be the one constant.

Being the constant in our student’s lives will have more power than you will ever know. Being the constant reminder that you are there for them. Being the constant reminder of encouragement in their faith when things are hard to believe at times. Being the constant reminder that the God of the universe has never changed and will never change His feelings for them even if they have messed up. Being the constant person in their life who is constantly asking them how they are doing and constantly caring for them. You tell them this every week at the same time on the same day with the same people in the same group all year-long.

Every small group should have this community and set the tone to be a breath of fresh air and to be a sigh of relief and to be the weight lifted off the shoulder when they walk into a small group time because it is one of the for sure constants in their drastically changing world.

Consistency is one of the huge keys to successful discipleship and having successful small groups.