I’m tired of hearing about ministry leaders wrecking their lives (and those around them). It happens too often and after it’s over there are so many who say, “I should have seen it coming.” Sure! But, the truth is, the person who crashed should have seen it coming too.

What do you think are some of the obvious “warning signs” that leaders need to learn to recognize prior to becoming another crash/statistic?

I’ll prime the pump with a few of my ideas and invite you to chime in and add your thoughts. Your input might actually help save a life/ministry/family. Here are three warning signs that I see:

  • Chronic busyness
  • Superficial friendships and/or isolation from “truth tellers”
  • A unusual display of pride

What are the warning signs you look for? Or, what warning signs did you “miss” when a friend and/or co-worker crashed?