We all want our ministry to grow. We want to see teens bringing their friends, and growing deeper in their faith. To get to that point you need momentum.

But, where does momentum come from? It takes work. It takes focus, continuity, and dedication towards a certain goal.  Momentum takes:


When you are stuck in the week to week grind it’s hard to get out ahead.  You need a core team that’s going to help you plan and execute plans for the future. When you have the big picture in mind it’s easier to create a pace that is manageable for you and your ministry.

Start out by finding at least 3 other men and women that you believe are capable of running a component of a ministry on their own. They should be independent, outside the box thinkers and people who believe in the vision.


Even if you had the capacity to meet each week you are still at risk of running the ministry into the ground. While a once a month approach might seem more manageable it lacks the continuity.

Instead, break the year into seasons of ministry. Those seasons could be based on what’s happening in the community or your church.  No matter the theme of the season put them into manageable sizes (i.e. 8 weeks) with mini breaks (i.e. 2 weeks) in between each one.

The breaks in between will give you the opportunity to breathe, refocus and improve the next season. As each season gets stronger so will the momentum you will be building.


One of the biggest obstacles to momentum is distractions. There are daily distractions like social media and email that can prevent us from being productive. However, there are larger distractions that can prevent our ministry from getting to where they need to be. Those larger distractions can be:

  • Events That Don’t Make Sense: Events should be adding to the momentum. They should have a purpose and lead into the consistent parts of your program. Before you plan the next event ask the question, “Does this lead us towards or away from our mission?”
  • People Who Aren’t On Board: If people in your ministry do not see eye to eye with your vision then they’ll slow down your progress. It doesn’t mean they are a bad person, it just means they aren’t a right fit for your team. Make sure you have a team around you that is on board with what you are trying to do.
  • Personal Sin: Your spiritual health is tied to the health of your ministry.  While we’re all broken if that brokenness is left unaddressed it will pull you down. Make sure you are constantly working on your spiritual journey and surrounding yourself with the right support.

Eliminate the distractions and you’ll find clarity in what needs to be done to build the momentum your ministry needs to grow.

As you build that momentum you’ll see people jump on board because they want to be a part of something that’s active. The more momentum your ministry builds the stronger its impact will be on the rest of the church and the surrounding community.

How are you building momentum in your youth ministry?