McGill is in the middle of this journey, and has some wisdom on what to ask a potential church before you make a committment to the team. Here’s a clip of it before you head over there, and if you know someone who’s in the middle of a job search or maybe when you are in the future, you’ll know where to go.

How is accountability and reviews handled?

What’s more important: faithfulness or success? (or, is this not a fair question?)

Was someone else doing this role before? If so, what happened? Would it be ok to talk with this person about this role? (or is this not a good idea?)

Scope of leadership: provide some examples of latitude where there would be room to lead, make changes, influence, etc.

Other than heresy, immorality, and divisiveness, what are some unchangeable sacred cows?

Administration: how much administrative/organizational stuff is required for this role?