It’s easy to grow too comfortable in ministry. Things can be going so well that you won’t question what’s going on in your ministry.  The problem is that you will miss small issues that can quickly escalate into larger ones.


To avoid growing complacent you need to constantly review what’s going on in your ministry.  And to know what to look at you need to ask the right questions like:


In other words, “Why are we doing what we are doing?”  It’s a question we ask ourselves when we are stuck in something we do not enjoy.  Many times it’s asked too late.

To know if something meets the vision you need to know your vision.  You need to understand what you are called to do. Anytime you create anything you can then ask, “Does this meet our vision?” and if the answer is no then you know you shouldn’t do it.


A competing system means you have two programs, positions or experiences fighting over resources, time or space.  You will know something is competing if you constantly feel pulled in multiple directions. 

You can determine if something is competing if you feel that your focus is all over the place.To fix a competing system look at either eliminating one side of the competition or readjusting it’s time or location.


There will be programs and events that people love or once had a positive impact.  But, if you have feelings of, “Is this worth it?” or if it wears you out for the long haul you might want to take another look at its value.


You could have a solid purpose for why you do what you do and then someone else could have a different reason.  This happens when there is a lack of clarity. As a leader you need to make sure people get on the same page so that a great thing doesn’t become derailed.

Preach the vision, share the purpose and communicate over and over again.  People might get tired of you saying the same thing over and over again, but they will still have clarity on what needs to be done.

When you ask the right questions you’ll build confidence.  With that confidence you can address problems early on and strengthen your leadership. When you know the why and what people will buy in and you can take your ministry further.

What other questions do we need to be asking?