We play killball in our student ministry all of the time. Our next one is coming up soon and we’re getting pumped already! If you don’t know what killball is, it is a high school-only event where we encourage headshots, hard throws and epic put-outs. Needless to say it brings in the atheletes, usually entire baseball teams show up to play – no joke!

From time to time people ask what is the best dodgeball to buy, and honestly there are lots of very adequate balls out there. Couple things to know up front – NO FOAM. We want rubber balls, which are still possible to catch but also leave a satisfying flight and pop when the land on target. You can get some pretty good an inexpensive options at Sports Chalet or Wal-Mart, be thinking around the 8.5″ or so size. Mikasa makes an official one you may want to check out, too.


We also encourage create team names and full costumes, preferably around a creative theme as well. We’ve had some of the most hilarious and imaginative groups come through ever, usually have to ask a few of them to change some of their clothing (or lack of clothing) options.

We play co-ed, and at times like to play variations that honor certain groups. Like we do the Queen match where if the last girl catches it, her team wins and VIP where someone must be protected at all costs or their team s out. Fun to change it up, too!


We start with the national anthem. By a saxophone player. Of course.