Being at the same place for a long time has led to a lot of great friendships. One of them is with my good buddy Gregg Hammork.

Today was a strange day, for no particular reason that I can discern, misha and I decided to run 1 million errands while going in a half a dozen directions. we had sports equipment to buy, a small TV to get fixed, couches to buy, a TV to mount on the wall, Max had football practice, and of course there were five kids to feed, re-diaper, and so forth. (six kids if you count me)

We needed a truck, so we borrowed Gregg’s. Instead of returning it, he came to our house to help unload. He didn’t just unload, he helped re arrange the house, unpack the boxes… about this time misha took max to football, and within a few minutes of having the new Costco couches unpacked and placed about the room, Gregg stayed to help clean up, feed babies, play with babies, put them to sleep, and then enjoy some Chinese food from LAKESIDE CHINESE.

that’s what happened, but let me tell you what I like about Gregg:

Gregg is always positive, looking on the sunny side of things… (of course “always” isn’t technically true, cause it’s impossible for any human, but you get my point.)

Gregg is always willing to help out 

Gregg is very safe, which some people may call paranoid and I am one of those people

Gregg is a great listener, i love to yap and he never checks out

Gregg is a great talker, he doesn’t just listen, he also talks about what’s going on in his life

Gregg is really humble…in the way the Jesus is

Gregg is a great husband and father… MAN you should hear how much he loves his kids and Cynthia…he’s proud of all of them

Gregg is the picture of devotion and commitment; I know I can count on him for anything

Gregg is afraid of the rattlesnake that almost killed him a few days ago, I’d say that means he’s smart


If you don’t have a friend like Gregg, then I’d bet your life pretty much sucks. If that’s you, go be a friend like Gregg is a friend, and de-suck your life!