Have you caught it yet? The Duck Dynasty fever? Has your group? I know I have and I am obsessed with the show. I do not know if it’s how they portray themselves, the stupid situations they get in or if it’s Uncle Si (because he is my favorite person ever) that draws me to the show. Maybe it’s their beards, which I want to grow, or maybe because they end every show while praying at the table as a family, whatever it is, I really like the show. I had the brief chance to meet Phil Robertson when he came to speak at Saddleback Church this last summer and he is the real deal. I’m a fan.

The guys over at I Am Second have been doing these great testimony videos with celebrities and athletes that have been pretty powerful and interesting. They just came out with a 30 minute testimony with 3 generations of the Robertson family with Phil and Kay, their son Jep, and Jace’s son. It is such a well done testimony and video that I thought it was worth sharing.

Because these guys are so popular right now and they love to share the message of Jesus wherever they go I’m pretty sure any youth group would eat this up in a second. I know I showed it to my small group guys and they loved it. It’s something I would recommend to show your students if they even somewhat like the Duck Dynasty show. It’s powerful, it’s well done, and they can preach!