Just caught this in USA Today – what’s your chances of really winning 6 million dollars on the new Deal or No Deal? Apparently, not very good. They ran a whole pile of numbers and they came up with some fun observations. Here’s a few of them, head there for the complete story:

The stats

50% The highest chance any contestant would have of winning $1 million. This assumes that of the two cases left after nine rounds, one holds $1 million. Essentially, it’s the same as flipping a coin.

91% The offers that contestants ultimately accepted from the banker were, on average, 91% of the average of the remaining briefcases, according to the shows studied by van den Assem and his team.

More stats

$750,000 Biggest winner so far: Michele Falco on Sept. 22.

5 Number of contestants who won less than $100.

2 Number who picked the top prize for their briefcase.

L The most common letter in the first names of the models who hold the briefcases, according to NBC. What that means, we have no idea.