From time to time I post a question that comes into the blog for YOU to answer. What advice would you give this youth pastor who is asking about office hours and time management. I already answered him personally with a few suggestions but got his permission to share the question here, too. Hoping you could share your thoughts in the comments, too. Weigh in!

Hey Josh – I’ve been a reader of your blog for years. You always have quality content that I look forward to throughout the week. Even though I’m a Kids’ Pastor a lot of what you create is very transferrable and helpful to what I do here (and for connecting better with our Student Ministry team).

I was wondering how you go about time management and scheduling your week. When do you do sermon prep? How do you balance the requests that come into your office from parents, students, volunteers and more every day. I’m looking for tips and insight into managing my time better and having a semi-consistent schedule each week. Any insights that have been helpful to you I’m sure will be helpful to me.

Every church is different and I think multiple perspectives will really help in this case. Would love to hear your thoughts and answers in the comments! Weigh in!