This week there was a great Sunday night matchup between the undefeated Seattle Seahawks and the undefeated Chicago Bears. How could this game not completely dominate the Monday Night Packers versus Eagles?

As much as I love Brett Favre, and despite the Madden curse striking Alexander …. NBC clearly wins this week’s contest. Technically the presentation was sound and the commentators as always were excellent. The matchup was far better, so ESPN’s whole production simply was in the shadow of the night before. Couple of thoughts:

1) NBC’s sideline reported is still dressing like a grandma
2) ESPN’s opening with the guy from LOST was a nice touch
3) ESPN needs to quit having shamless cross promotions in the booth – my guess for this week is that Mickey Mouse will make an appearance promoting parent company Disney. Seriously, who has a new CD that comes out this week?
4) Why is the Skycam always in the shot! Get it out of the way, people!
5) ESPN is doing some great stuff showing the quarterback’s view and how the play develops. It’s cool to see (like a Madden video game, ironically) when the receiver breaks and when then QB makes the throw. Good stuff … they’re getting there.
6) Did anyone else expect Pink to not sing NBC’s opening every week?

Week 4: NBC


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