I get some questions about my checkered internet past – including rumors of a rather large Star Wars website. Yes, they’re all true, I’m afraid. I’m a big geek at heart. Here’s a list of some of the websites I currently manage and/or have managed in the past:

TheForce.Net – I was editor/co-owner of the website for maybe 7 years, and currently co-owner of the website and taking a quiet or even silent role these days. It has afforded me some pretty cool experiences in life, including visiting Skywalker Ranch, digital theater press screenings, access to E3, press interviews, speaking engagements and even meeting Lucas himself. Pretty cool stuff, it was a great adventure! The site has been featured in the Wall St. Journal, Business 2.0, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, TIME and many, many more. It is currently ranked maybe 8,000 in the world, though it has cracked the worldwide top 1,000 websites when the Star Wars prequels hit theaters.

MovieHeadlines.Net – Scott Chitwood and I started this website and eventually rolled it into ComingSoon.Net, where he still contributes regularly. I’ve done some stuff for them as well, but my youth ministry schedule these days and family obligations conflict all too often, which is OK with me, too.

Filmforce – I started this website with the guys from TFN, we felt that we had the knowledge and expertise to start a general movie site and not just limit it to Star Wars. Good stuff.

In the Christian world I manage the blog you are reading as well as PDYMCommunity.com, a website for youth workers to connect in community and find models and mentoring. I also dabble over at SimplyYouthMinistry.com,
a great place to find youth ministry resources and tools to be even more effective. And don’t forget about the podcast and SJH, too.

So there you have it – more than you wanted to know!