Just saw this post over on Outreach – some of the great websites are a “given” but there’s a few great places you might want to bookmark or check out to help you think outside of the box, be more efficient or find inspiration. Here’s a clip of some of their recommendations:

18. Free Church Resources
Site: lifechurch.tv/open, seacoast.org/allaccess

Why They Rock: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Each of these three churches is offering their marketing and media resources to the world, free of charge. Find mp3 downloads, graphics, sermon materials and more, and then tweak them to suit your church.

19. Church Marketing Lab
Site: flickr.com/groups/cfcc

Why it Rocks: In this valuable group, you can share your in-process communication pieces and get helpful feedback from other church communicators.

20. Church Marketing Sucks
Site: churchmarketingsucks.com

Why it Rocks: I’m tooting my own horn here, but if you’re not checking out this site, you need to be. Find cutting-edge news, ideas, tips and dreams about how the Church can effectively share the greatest story ever told.