By now, most of you guys have heard the incredible album, We are Young and Free, by Hillsong Young & Free. The title of the album totally fits the feeling of the music. It is fun, honest, vulnerable, and full of life! We play a couple of the songs on our weekend services (Wake and Alive).

The album was written in partnership with the youth ministry of Hillsong Church in Australia.. The ministry cast a vision of a concept called Young and Free, an evangelical effort based through art and relationships, which became a global hit. It is truly incredible to watch flesh out. If you have 30 minutes on your hands, take a look at the documentary they made about the making of the album and the overall movement. It is at least worth skimming through. I learned a lot about creating an environment, feel, and culture. I’m super inspired and already dreaming about what this looks like in our ministry, especially as we start planning our summer.