One of the highlights of my week has been reading the responses from this blog community and how they responded to Jordon’s situation.

It was beautiful! If you haven’t read Jordon’s story or seen people’s responses, go here.

Jordon read every message and wrote me these words:

I saw you posted my letter on your blog, and I am so glad you did. I was brought to tears by the genuine love I received from the people who responded. I am blown away that people could care so much for someone they don’t even know. I was brought to tears as I read the responses.

Please let them know that I have taken all of their advice to heart. I especially appreciated Chris Laws, because he said he was just going to shoot straight with me and I liked that. He said, “Stop sinning before something worse happens to you. What are you really gaining from it?”

I don’t know why, but that one statement really spoke to me, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. A few of the people gave their email addresses and phone numbers, and I intend on contacting to let them know how much they helped. Who knows, the accountability relationship I need may come out of this?

Doug, I can’t thank you enough for writing me and posting my email on your blog.


Here’s a few thoughts I’ve had since writing that post:

1. I’m grateful to see this community care. Like Jordon, I too was amazed that people left emails and phone numbers. Compassion revealed. Way to love, friends.

2. We are better together. We need others, accountability, and safe places to share to be truly alive. Our secrets make us worse.

3. We are not alone in our pain. While we may think we’re the only one going thru a particular hurt, pain, sin… we’re not alone. We are a wounded army of servants. Ministry is lonely and it’s easy to feel like no one can relate.

4. “We” are better than “I”. I’ve always said, “Solo acts are over-rated.” There’s no way that I could have written a response to Jordon that was as meaningful and helpful as the 30 comments were. Thanks for adding to my little ministry with your big hearts.

What an honor to share in ministry with people like you!

Question: What strikes you as unique in the responses Jordon received? Share your thoughts.