Two weeks ago, I wrote about Google+. Last week, I wrote about a brand new music application called Spotify. This week, I what to share with you a new iPhone app called Clips.

I may soon turn this into a tech blog…although don’t hold your breath!

Clips attracted my attention for two primary reasons:
(1) I love using movie clips when I teach (I co-authored 4 books with my friend Eddie James, called Videos that Teach 1-4. I just wish I would have thought about turning it into an app), and

(2) the guy who created the app (RJ Grunewald) is a youth worker.

In 2008, RJ was a middle school youth pastor (from Detroit suburbs) who started thinking of ways to use his iPhone for ministry. He started creating apps.

His first app was called “Whoopie Cushion” (perfect for a youth worker). Again, I wish I’d of thought of that one too. “Whoopie Cushion” was downloaded more than a million times.

In 2009, RJ co-developed an app with Youth Specialties called “MyGuitar.” It was even bigger than “Whoopie Cushion” (downloaded 2.1 million times).

RJ (still a middle school pastor) has done it again with Clips. This new app might not be as funny as fart sounds, but it will be a lot more helpful to youth workers.

Here’s the description from iTunes:
Clips is all about helping people engage with the Bible by using scenes from great films. Pastors, small group leaders, and youth ministers can all benefit with the tools provided. Clips tells you exactly what scenes to use, what topics to teach, the verses you could use, and even some possible discussion questions. It gives you everything you need to easily find the scene you are teaching from, even linking to it in iTunes.

Clips for iPhone from RJ Grunewald on Vimeo.

I know RJ made this for youth workers, but it’s one of those things that could be useful for all sorts of people in ministry. Volunteer youth workers, student leaders, and even parents. As a parent, I’m always looking for ways to have a Bible-based conversation about something my kids are watching. This is really helpful.

As much as I’d like for people to continue to buy my books (Videos that Teach), I think RJ’s app will be more helpful (and cheaper at only $2.99). In addition to the many on the app, I assume he’ll continue to update the app when new movies come out.

The app comes today (August 9th), I encourage you to get it. It’s great! I’m proud of him for giving youth workers a great and helpful product. I just wish that I would have thought of it.

Click here to buy it on iTunes

Question: What app do wish was out there that would you’re your ministry more effective?