Games are, hands-down, an awesome way to get your students pumped up. As a youth leader, it’s vital to have a variety of fun games on-hand for every occasion. “The Missing Link” is a must-have for your game repertoire. This mind challenge will not only engage your students’ brain power, but it will spark a little friendly competition as well.

Download the Missing Link!

Find out who in your group is more academic, and who, on the other hand, could benefit from spending a little more time hitting the books. This downloadable game comes in the form of a slideshow that contains two random words with a blank in between them. The goal is to find a third word, that when put in the blank space, will work to form two phrases: one with the first word and one with the last word.

Sound tricky? Well, that’s because it is! But it’s the perfect thing to get your students to wake up, and be powered up for an upcoming study or discussion. Here’s an example slide from this addicting game.

Play the Missing Link with your youth group!

Can you think of the missing word? If you guessed “Chair”, then you’re correct!

This is a great game to play in small groups, or in front of the whole group where the first to yell out the answer is the winner. As a prize, give the kid who gets the most right a bottle of sunblock. Tell him to quit reading books and get outside! (Or give the kid who didn’t get any right a dictionary!)

Download THE MISSING LINK now!