So here’s the ask:

1. Watch the short clip (1:30) & get psyched up for the podcast return (or confused if you’re not a podcast team member)

2. Vote on the website header (below).

3. Enter your vote in the comment section & we’ll choose a winner to win big from all our sponsors Youth Specialties, RemedyLIVE, LeaderTreks, YouthMinistry360, & APU!

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5. Okay, go!

Youth Ministry Garage Promo from remedyLIVE on Vimeo.


Do you like this one better (called “Griffin dodgeball red”)?

Or, do you like this one better (called “McGill Steel”)?

Or, what about this one? After 63 comments of seemingly 50/50…we combined the look to this (called “Best of Katie”)

Or, maybe you don’t really care and just want the darn podcast back up. We understand…it’s coming. We’ve already recorded 2 on our “comeback tour” (that was Josh’s idea that we thought was dumb) and when the website is ready…we go live. I’m betting on September 15th.

Leave a vote for a chance to win. A funny comment for a chance to be heckled. A nice praise to make Matt feel better about himself.

Oh yeah, by the way, we’ve got sponsors…we’re so big time now!

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