Kidfavorite Veggietales is coming to NBC next week, can you believe it? Sounds like a lot of fun, some great potential for a new audience on saturday mornings.

Big Idea’s animated property, VeggieTales, will launch in a regular time slot in September on NBC, Telemundo and the I Network.

Along with VeggieTales, the programming block also will include Franklin-based Big Idea’s “3-2-1 Penguins!!” and its “2d LarryBoy Adventures.”

The launch marks the national television debut for the Big Idea properties, which have sold more than 52 million videos since the company started in 1993.

Here’s a clip from the creator’s blog about the God-content, too:

“So, Phil, will they actually let you talk about God on NBC?” Oh, good question. I figured you’d get to that at some point. The answer is… yes and no. At first we were told everything was ‘okay’ except the Bible verse at the end. Frankly, that news really surprised me, because, heck, we’re talking about NBC here. God on Saturday morning? It didn’t seem likely. Since we’ve started actually producing the episodes, though, NBC has gotten a little more restrictive. (I think they actually sat down and started watching a few VeggieTales videos. “Hey wait – these are religious.”) So it’s gotten trickier, and we’re having to do a little more editing. More than I’m comfortable with? Frankly, yes. But I had already committed to helping Big Idea with this, and I really didn’t want to leave them in a tight spot. Plus, the new stuff we’re coming up with is really fun, and at least some new kids will meet Bob and Larry on NBC, and maybe wander into Wal-Mart and buy a video with all the God still in. So it could be better, but overall it’s not a total loss. The new stuff is really cute. You’ll like it.