There was a person who gave me an idea. The idea was a little bit out what’s normal outside what’s happening, but I didn’t want to be quick to dismiss. Later, when that person was questioned about that idea, their response: “That was just a starting place for negotiation. I was hoping to open the door for this other idea that’s not as radical.” That other idea well within what’s normal, in fact it was already in effect.

How can I trust another idea from this person, is it an idea, and actual reflection of what they consider to be wise, or is it a stepping point for negotiation? My normal response is for my inner crusader to rise up and lay waste to all that is “wrong” in the world, crushing the person with a hidden agenda. This isn’t good, and it limits my ability to work with others, for there are a significant number of people in life and leadership who operate in the world in this way.

Above trust, there is truth and wisdom. An idea is good or bad independent of the person who says it, or their motivations for saying it. So then, all ideas ought to be considered, in and of themselves, separate from the person saying it. If I only accept ideas from people I trust, I will be missing out on a lot of ideas.

There have been times that I have not liked an idea, but trusted the person who gave it, and so I did that idea even though it was contrary to what I thought was best. This won’t be happening with the person who is a proven negotiator.