The year 2015 is over. Crazy. It has been a pretty incredible year for DYM and we have met so many of you at conferences, we have had coffee, gross little burgers and have had great conversations about ministry and heard so many stories of how DYM has helped youth workers all over the world with the resources on the site.

One part of DYM which we love is the blog. The blog is updated weekly with great content which is geared to get you thinking about ministry. We thought it would be fun to give you the top 3 viewed blog posts for 2015. Here they are below, enjoy:

#1. We Only Sing 25 Worship Songs a Year at Youth Group – By Joshua Griffin

#2. It’s Okay For Youth Pastors To Not Hang Out With Students – Justin Knowles

#3. 10 Characteristics of a Healthy Youth Ministry – Jen Bradbury

Thank you for a great year and we are extremely exited to see how God continues to move in 2016.