This has been an incredible year for Download Youth Ministry – we’re so thrilled that you have jumped in as monthly members, annual members and picking up great youth ministry resources all year long. We’re also thrilled to really see some standout tools to help youth workers, teach, train and laugh with teenagers in their ministry. Aside from the amazing membership deals, here are 5 of the Top 10 youth ministry resources of the year. If you haven’t picked one of them up yet, know it is a winner waiting to happen!

  • Christian or Disciple? 1-off message
    This 1-off message from Doug Fields helps to bring a little clarity to what the word “Christian” actually means. For so many people, being a Christian has become nothing more than merely believing a few things to be true and if we believe those things … then we are “Christian.”
  • Games Bundle: Christmas Edition
    The following 5 games are including in the Christmas Game Bundle Extravaganza!
  • Instahack Youth Group Game
    Get your hands on the youth ministry game that will have your students hiding their phones! Instahack is a game where a contestant risks their Instagram reputation at the chance of winning awesome prizes by answering a series of multiple choice questions. If they get a question wrong, one of 9 awful things may happen to their Instagram!
  • Psalm or Crazy Bieber Fan?
    This is the game you’ve heard all about, where we show you a quote and you have to decide if it’s… a passage from the book of Psalms …or an actual Tweet from one of Justin Bieber’s 35,000,000 totally insane fans.
  • Lamentation or Taylor Swift Lyric?
    We show you a quote, and you have to decide if it is 1) a passage from the book of Lamentations, one of the more depressing reads in the Bible, as it details the destruction and demise of Jerusalem or 2) or a lyric from a Taylor Swift song, one of the more depressing songwriters of our generation, as she details every breakup and slight she’d ever suffered.