The other day I wrote a post on tips we can give our students to evangelize to their friends in a way that won’t be weird for students.Talking about Jesus for some can be uncomfortable, but it seems to me that God seems to always move the most when we are uncomfortable because we have no choice but to lean on Him in those times. You can click HERE to go back and read it. Here is the second part of that post:

Be real- One of the most effective ways to minister to people around you is just to be real. One of the top reasons why people are so turned off to Christianity is because people are fake. It is really hard to fake yourself with people who see your ups and downs, successes and failures, people who hear how you talk in your best and worst times, by people you see every single day for 8 hours at school. Be authentic in the way to talk and you live, not just at church or at school. When you mess up and use bad language, call yourself out on it in front of everyone. That will do more ministering to the people around you because they will wonder why you don’t want to speak like that. Saying, “Just be like Jesus” is not realistic. Jesus was perfect. Us following Jesus are not perfect, at all. When non-believers see that you are just like them and mess up, but they see how you handle the mess up physically, verbally, and mentally. They will take note of that far more than anything else you can do.

So long as lifestyle evangelism does not replace the verbal sharing of the gospel, it is a legitimate ministry tool. Lifestyle evangelism can be a wonderful way to show faith in action in a world that needs to see what true Christianity looks like.

Speak it- Now, like I said in the beginning, the end all in evangelizing to the people around you is eventually speaking to them about the Good News of Jesus. You have prayed for them, you live out what you learn from reading the Bible, and are being real, there will be opportunities which come up to speak to them about Jesus, it is just up to you to take them. If you ask God to make you bolder, does He automatically make you bold? Or does He give you opportunities to be bolder? When you ask God to give you more patience, doe He automatically give you patience? Or does He give you opportunities to be more patient. You have to pray for the opportunities which come up while living your life in a real and authentic way, God will arise opportunities for you to speak to those around you to share your faith in a real, authentic, natural way.

I can tell you many stories of me actually taking these steps to explain the Gospel to my friends and family around me, and I would be happy to tell them and help you walk through what this looks like in your life. Let me know your stories!

What other tips would you give to your students to help them with evangelism with friends they are around everyday? What would you add?

**This article was originally written for our HSM magazine we give out to students and parents. If you want a copy leave a comment below and your email and I’ll see what I can do to send you one!