Even when it’s wrong, rage and anger are about change. Anger is rooted the part of our soul that loves justice and seeks to put things right.

(Of course, as broken people, our desires are misplaced. Our sense of justice is upside down and inside out. We look at things from our perspective, rather than God’s. We are motivated selfishly, rather than in humility that considers others better and the satisfaction of their needs.)

Anger and rage ought not to be bottled or repressed or ignored or covered. They are the power for action and movement and change. Ignoring this passion is like becoming a zombie. Our anger ought to be examined, of course it isn’t legitimate just because it exists. Rage ought to move us to real action… most of the time it’ll be an internal change, for we have many planks to remove from our eye. 
Anger might not be the right word, but when was the last time your heart started beating quickly, and it wasn’t because you were facing a hungry bear or equally ravenous and monstrous guilt?
Anger is the enemy of sloth, and he’s a friend for too many.

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