We see things just as they are, not as they ought to be.

In Genesis when God created the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve, everything there was as it was ought to be. Everything was perfect. There was nothing needing to be done because that was the way that it was intended to be made. When sin entered the world, we then become selfish sinners and slowly our perception begin to slowly change to see things as they are now, broken and nothing but a hot mess.

When we are living our lives, we have fallen into the trap of seeing things as they are in their current state. We see things and people the way they are. They are broken, which is why there is disappointment. What if we were to live our lives through the lens that God sees everything, seeing things the way they ought to be? Would we live differently?

It is like when someone sees a run down hot rod, they do not just see it as a junky car. Which is is, at that point in its existence. But they see it for what it could be, for what it ought to be, and treat it and restore it back to its original state. So instead of seeing that person messing up over and over and you getting angry, you see them as a child of God, who is in His image and who there is a glimmer of hope in because of that. Instead of seeing just another homeless person standing on the corner and seeing them for how they are, we see them as how we ought to see them as someone who is precious to God.

If we begin to see things not as they are now, but as they OUGHT to be, we would see:

  • The hope that God provides will begin to be restored.
  • Broken people will begin to be restored.
  • The perception of Christians will begin to be restored.
  • Our friends and families would be restored.
  • Our lives would be restored to the way they ought to be… fully devoted to Christ.

Lets stop seeing things for what they are but instead see things for what they ought to be through Christ.