One other note tonight … if you tried to get the podcast yesterday, you may have been let down or bummed by slow download times. We’re so sorry about that!

Here’s what’s sweet: we’re blowing up our server! It’s hard to believe, but honestly we’ve well over a terabyte of data data this month … and most of it comes Wednesday and Thursday after the podcast (geeks: we have a 10MB pipe which we ran at full speed all day yesterday, we even increased it to a 30MB stream for a while, and it was completely peaked as well for that period. translation: that’s a TON of data). Was the chocolate milk video funny? You sure downloaded it in droves! Not to mention those free Igniters, too. Shoot, big day for the content server. Maybe we should get a server farm w/load balancer?

Let me know if you know someone who would be willing to sponsor/advertise/donate for bandwidth. Maybe we should find an ISP or an AOL-type place or something. Who knew?

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know we’re working on it, and we’re so shocked, humbled and excited by the popularity of the podcast – we’re scrambling to make the delivery painless. And yes, we’re working on the audio for the video, too. Good stuff!