OK, I just sent the beta testers the rules and the URL of the new Simply Youth Ministry website. It’s a work in progress … and we’re just 2-3 weeks away from launching. Have a fun weekend checking out the new site – and we’ll need more in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Ok gang … you’ve been selected for the first of two SYM website beta tests.

You’re the first people outside of SYM’s team to see it. Doug Fields hasn’t even seen it yet — seriously! Thank you SO MUCH for loving students and lending your talents and time to make the Simply site even better. We seriously appreciate it.

We want you to tell us about formatting problems, broken links, ideas, tweaks, navigation improvements, inconsistencies, messed up images, bugs, things that bug you, colors that suck, what works, what doesn’t work, what should be more intuitive — in short, whatever you think or find that we should know about! Try different browsers, change resolutions, switch to dialup, use a Mac or a Commodore 64 to view the site if you think it would help us. Please take screenshots or do a quick mockup if something could be made significantly better and you have a vision from the Lord

We know only too well that the website is a work in progress, we’re still working on the site for 17 days before launch. Most of the big picture stuff is in place — so our only ask is you don’t complete an order. You can add stuff to your cart (please do), just don’t complete the transaction right now — that’s the 2nd beta in the coming 17 days before launch.

OK, enough. Open up a Word .doc or text file and please make sure to note the URL of the page you’re making comments on. Nothing is sacred … so go crazy …