Apparently this is more common that I thought … remember the original story from yesterday? Had lunch with Tony Steward who is living this nightmare and he put some of it in his own words in his blog. His strength is awesome right now. Do yourself a favor, read this a clip then follow the link to his place:

After the shock, the police reports, a few tears and lots of phone calls – we are okay. We have finally gotten to our new home in California safe and sound and it is great, though empty. And as word as gotten out about our situation the response from people has been unbelievable. I am not going to get into specifics, but the people from Saddleback have been amazing for barely knowing us, a church that we were a part of two years ago in Canton, Oh has taken up a love offering for us and is sending us a check, and other dear friends are chipping in and helping us out. What an amazing thing the CHURCH is when it is moved to loving action!