It was a completely spontaneous action. Two of my youth leaders were scouring second hand shops for cheap items to use for an upcoming teen retreat. Suddenly they came across two ironing boards, offered for like two bucks each. They looked at each other, wondered: what could we do with these?

An idea was born: Ironing Board Throwing.

The rules were simple: stand behind a line and throw the ironing board as far as you can. The first point of impact with the ground counts. Whoever throws it the furthest, wins.

ironing board throwing

It was one of the silliest, yet epic games we have ever played on a retreat. The teens tried out every way of throwing they could think of and almost all the leaders wanted to have a turn as well. We had so much fun, even watching!

We were lucky in the sense that we had a huge field to play it in (this was in The Netherlands where grassy fields aren’t hard to find), but really, you can do this anywhere. The board just won’t last as long on a harder and rougher landing spot, so buy some extra if that’s the case.

ironing board throwing

One safety tip: make sure all spectators stand at a safe distance, since these ironing boards are tough to handle and an early release can break things like noses and ribs and stuff.

Oh, one more thing: don’t forget to take pictures.

(and in case you wonder why the teens are wearing these funny white suits, that was part of another game we were playing that whole weekend)

ironing board throwing